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 Sati is awareness. Awareness of the present moment and our ever-changing needs. With awareness we can see what is being shown to us through our skin and begin to investigate, with kindness and compassion, what it is we truly need.

Sati is the facial serum. A trio of Roses come together with calming Sandalwood and Patchouli, to rebalance and harmonise skin function. Infused into a concentrate blend of nutritive-rich plant oils that work to deeply nourish dry skin and replenish hydration within.

Being a direct reflection of our internal and external environment, our skin is ever-changing and always speaking to us. Sati can be created bespoke to satisfy all skin types and conditions — super sensitive, eczema or dermatitis, congested or inflamed acne, hormonally unbalanced or emotionally distressed.




Prepare the skin by cleansing with Sola and misting with Rosa. 

Using between 3 - 8 drops of Sati, place in the palm of your hand. Pressing both palms together, bring to the face and hold cupped hands over the nose. Pause here for a few moments, becoming aware of the natural flow of breath.

From this place of awareness, inhale slowly and deeply through the nose. At the top of the inhale, allow the outgoing breath to flow through the nose, softly and effortlessly. Repeat this style of breath at least three times before applying.

Apply Sati by pressing palms to your face and neck using a slow, gentle rolling action. If skin is inflamed, pause and hold palms softly on the face, spending a few more moments focused on the breath. Move to the chest and press and hold there while feeling the breath move through the body. Breathe slowly, breathe deeply.

Anahata or Calm can now be applied (if required), followed by Bardo for the body.




*Rose Otto (triple blend) Rosa damascena, *Patchouli Pogostemon cablin, and *Sandalwood Santalum paniculatum infused in a blend of *Camellia Camellia oleifera, *Baobab Adansonia digitata and *Jojoba Seed Simmondsia chinensis plant oils.

Cultivation: *certified organic 

All Aromatology products are blended fresh to order — use within 6 months of purchasing. To preserve the integrity of this product keep in a cool, dry area away from direct light.



The bespoke creation process is simple. Choose the bespoke option below and once purchased, I'll be in touch via email with a handful of prompting questions. You can share as much or as little as you wish, and allow me to intuit the spaces between.
Nature, ever-changing. And so are you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joey Tonks
Heaven Scent

I use Sati every morning after I cleanse and spritz my face with Rosa which is also divine. Sati’s gorgeous aroma and rehydration properties make it feel like I’m treating myself to a little luxury every day. Love it!

Tennille Ziegler
Magical Sati

This serum is so lovely in every way, the aroma, the way it feels on your hands prior to putting on your face, and how your face glows, feels illuminated afterwards. It is the perfect blend between nourishing and the feeling of lightness on your skin.

Amanda Ziegler
Silky Sati

The aroma of Sati is absolutely devine. It calms, nourishes and hydrates my skin beautifully. Thanks Keely for adding cellular rejuvenation to my blend. I just love how it feels on my skin so much I often apply throughout the day.

Sheryl Campbell

Sati serum is a godsend for my daily selfcare ritual, it's the sealant I need to lock in hydration for my skin. The scent is delicate and transporting. In love with this product. Highly recommend!


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