Bardo is an organic, all-natural aromatic body oil.

Suitable for use on any area of the body and can be worn on the inner wrists as a natural alternative to perfume. 

Touch through self-massage releases held tension and brings movement, flow and vibrancy to the skin, while breath-work shifts us into our natural, harmonious state of being. 


Bardo is the space in between, the void, the pause between two breaths. Take rest in the bardo — the moment between what was and what will be. Carve out this space to simply listen, to be with the body and breathe. 

   Bardo is a blend of Vetiver roots, creamy Sandalwood, aged dark Patchouli, spicy Black Pepper, smooth Vanilla Bourbon and a heart opening trio of rose, infused into a nourishing, yet fast-absorbing blend of pressed plant oils. A deeply grounding, anchoring blend of the earth. 



Pour Bardo into the palm of your hand. Bring both palms together and place cupped hands over the nose, pausing here for a moment.  Become aware of the natural flow of breath and aroma of Bardo.

From this place of awareness, inhale slowly and deeply through the nose. Allow the exhale to flow out again through the nose, softly and effortlessly. 

Apply Bardo to any area of the body that calls. Massage using intuitive touch, while remaining attentive by bringing your focus from the breath to the physical sensation of your own healing hands.

Slow movements using the full expanse of your hand is deeply restorative, while faster, lighter movements using fingertips are more awakening. As you massage with Bardo, breathe slowly, breathe deeply.

 To deepen your Bardo ceremony, begin by intention setting and misting with Rosa and anointing with .



Bardo can be used on any area of the body, although has a natural affinity and connection with the heart space and energetic root chakra.

Bardo translates beautifully into a bespoke version of for easy on-the-go anointing to pulse points of the inner wrists or heart space.



 *Rose Otto (triple blend) Rosa damascena, *Vetiver Vetiveria zizanioides *Patchouli Pogostemon cablin, *Sandalwood Santalum paniculatum, *Black Pepper Piper nigrum, *Vanilla bourbon Vanilla planifolia infused in a blend of *Camellia Camellia oleifera and *Jojoba Seed Simmondsia chinensis plant oils.

Cultivation: *certified organic

All Aromatology products are blended fresh to order. Use within 9 months of purchasing. To preserve the integrity of this product the highest quality violet Miron glass has been used to house the range. Please keep in a cool, dry area away from direct light.



The bespoke creation process is simple. Choose the bespoke option below and once purchased, I'll be in touch via email with a handful of prompting questions. You can share as much or as little as you wish, and allow me to intuit the spaces between.

Nature, ever-changing. And so are you.


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Customer Reviews

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Sonya Reinink
A fantastic collaborative experience

Working with Keely to create a bespoke, quality, luxe massage oil blend was a beautiful experience. Her passion, knowledge, and care shone through every step of the way. The energy of the blend reflects my heart's work, is so nurturing to use, and of course, my clients love it too.

Love in bottle

You won't regret treating yourself with this gorgeous oil! I adore the intention behind this product and use it exactly as suggested topping it off with a bit of self-reiki as I let it sink in my skin. Everything about this oil feels so special and exudes the intention of love. The glass bottle is absolutely stunning, the scent feels so comforting yet also reminds me of my own power and the oil itself is luxurious and high quality.

Best breathwork incentive

I often forget to stop and breathe, too busy rushing from one thing to the next, and Bardo is the best reminder and incentive I’ve found. I now look forward to taking a few moments to breathe in the beautiful aroma and focus on grounding through self massage. Also always get compliments on my ‘perfume’ - bonus!

Beautiful product from a beautiful person

I've been using Keely's beautiful products for several years and this body oil is one of my absolute favourites. I find it so calming and soothing, nothing else I've ever used even comes close. I love gifting this product to others as well.

Joey Tonks
Luxury Every Day

Using The Bardo body oil is like letting a little luxury into your every day. I love how divine it feels not only by giving my skin the moisture it needs but also because there’s something so nostalgic and earthy in its aroma. Using it makes me feel grounded and like I’m making an effort to do something loving for myself every time I use it. I love it!

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