Thea Calm is an organic, all-natural targeted skin balm.

Best suited to ​sensitised skin conditions of eczema, peri-oral dermatitis, inflammation or dryness​. 

Thea calm is a high-strength targeted treatment balm that instantly soothes the skin, reducing redness, and working to restore the skin's barrier while protecting from further damage. 

Thea is the Goddess of the garden. The work of the bees, the wisdom from trees, and the full expression of nature through her blossoms. Together, all in harmony. Nothing but nature.

Thea Calm is an ultra-soothing blend of plants (including Blue Chamomile, Blue Tansy, Calendula, Rose + more) that are both calming and nurturing to the skin and nervous system, addressing potential root-cause triggers of inflammatory skin conditions, while supporting the skin to return to it's natural state of being.



 Prepare the skin by cleansing with Sola, misting with Rosa and applying either Sati or Anahata.

Scoop a small amount of Thea Calm onto the back on your hand, allowing the balm to warm and soften upon touch to the skin.

Using fingertips, apply Thea Calm to selected areas of the skin that need the extra targeted support: patches of eczema, peri-oral dermatitis, inflammation or dryness. If skin is inflamed, pause and hold palms softly on the face. This gentle touch is soothing and calming to emotionally distressed skin. 

Pausing here for a moment. Become aware of the natural flow of breath and aroma of Thea Calm. From this place of awareness, inhale slowly and deeply through the nose. Allow the exhale to flow out again through the nose, softly and effortlessly. Finish by bringing both hands to your heart space. Breathe slowly, breathe deeply. 

To deepen your Thea Calm ceremony, begin by intention setting and misting with Rosa and anointing with .



Thea Calm can be applied sparingly over the entire face to support and strengthen the barrier of a sensitive skin. This is recommended before venturing outdoors in wind or low humidity environments, or prior to showering. 

 Thea Calm is a highly concentrated product and therefore a bespoke option (using lower dilution rates) is recommended for babies, toddlers, and children under 7 years of age.  

Thea Calm pairs beautifully with both Sati Calma and Anahata.


*Blue Chamomile Matricaria recutita, *Blue Tansy Tanacetum annuum, *Rose Otto Rosa damascena, *Palmarosa Cymbopogon martinii, *Rose Geranium Pelargonium graveolens, *Sandalwood Santalum paniculatum, ^Frankincense Boswellia sacra and Calendula Calendula officinalis infused in a blend of *Jojoba Seed Simmondsia chinensis and *Sunflower Seed Helianthus annuss plant oils, *Shea Nut Butyrospermum parkii Butter and Beeswax. 

Cultivation: *certified organic ^wild grown 

All Aromatology products are blended fresh to order. Use within 9 months of purchasing. To preserve the integrity of this product the highest quality violet Miron glass has been used to house the range. Please keep in a cool, dry area away from direct light.



Learn more about the original Thea and the option to have this balm created bespoke

Nature, ever-changing. And so are you.


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Customer Reviews

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Bayley Ziegler
Calm love

Absolutely adore this product, it’s my new go to, must have for me and my son. Calm bespoke for my 1 year old is a soothing after bath lotion for his ezcema, providing relief and a barrier for his skin xx Calm for me is a daily must have part of my skin rituals evening and night in winter and is used throughout the day on my hands and my own ezcema spots. Can not live without this! X

My 'GO TO' product skin repair ASAP

This little pot is the skin saver! I think everyone needs it, for any kind of repair that the skin needs. It works great over anahata in winter, whenever the barrier needs that extra TLC. It can work wonders in 24 hours. Over sun burn, to heal over exfoliated skin and wind burn. (As a holistic facialist) I get my clients who swim often to use this too. Pop it on before you swim, under your sunscreen and protect that barrier. The perfect product to keep in your bag and use over and over again. I have clients who have had a mastectomy and use it over their scars, with AMAZING results and I also hear people who suffer with dry cuticles use this and love it! It lasts a ver long time and it's one of the products you NEED when you need your skin repaired ASAP.

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