The Experience

A call to turn inwards and connect with ourselves.

"The healing work begins with simple observation and awareness. Stillness and gentle, restorative touch initiates the move back towards a state of balance and harmony. A deeper, slower breath leads the way home — the body knows what to do, we just need to get out of its way."

We are so much more than just this physical body, yet we can use it — the breath, sensation, and the skin, as points of entry to investigate the impact that our internal and external environment has on our overall vitality and wellbeing.

The nurturing and deeply restorative Aromatology experience is completely customised to suit you on the day. Weaved together from any combination of facial rituals, aromatic body massage, guided meditation, conversation, breath work, and an ever-changing menu of seasonal offerings. Products are blended fresh in the moment, bespoke, just for you.

Aromatology is a journey that goes well beyond skin health. And in the beautiful words of Danielle Doby, my invitation to you — “Come as you are, your breath can rest here.”

By appointment only — email to enquire.


... and let me share the magic of plants with you x

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