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The Magickal Botanical Oracle

The Magickal Botanical Oracle — plants from the witch's garden.

"Tap into the deeply rooted wisdom of the natural world with this dark and mysterious union of horticulture and occultism. Featuring plants commonly found in a witch's garden, apothecary, or spell book, Maxine Miller's detailed illustrations personify the true spirit of each plant while capturing the elegance and multifaceted nature of the botanical world. With lines and colour moving in a symphony of esoteric beauty, this powerful deck is a must-have addition to your magickal collection."

Contains an oracle deck of 33 beautifully illustrated cards and an in-depth companion book of 224 pages including associated planet and elements, magickal meaning, plant spirit medicine, and divination meaning for each plant. 

Plants featured include: Belladonna, Dandelion, Oak, Hemlock, Mandrake, Wormwood, Yarrow, Wolfsbane, Yew, Rose, Poppy + more.


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Francesca Satta
Truly magickal

This deck is simply a piece of art. The booklet included is packed with information about the plants and how to use them for divination and spell-work. Also, I am so happy I bought it from Keely rather than on any other platform because she made the shopping experience a little magical too.


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