Experience Aromatology — SPACE

Experience Aromatology

Tapping into the powerful connection between plant aromatics, emotional wellbeing and skin health.


Working with the theme of ‘space', the intention is to bring awareness to the space within your physical body and that which directly surrounds it. To clear space, a chance to start anew.

When the body is burdened and stagnant, the skin will give us visual clues such as puffiness, congestion, and a general lack of vibrancy and tone. The mind can become cluttered, lacking clarity, and stuck in old habit patterns. The body heavy, tired, exhausted. Like tending to a garden, pulling weeds, and creating space for new seeds to be planted, this treatment is to tend you - your space, your garden, creating a healthy environment to move forward, for growth and to nurture your bloom.

We’ll be working with plants and mineral salts to cleanse your skin, your space. Encouraging movement and flow through touch, deep diaphragmatic breath work, massage and gentle stretching - all to create space, a healthy environment to flourish. Spring cleaning, letting go, breathing in light, breathing out that which no longer serves you.

Native Kauri and Kānuka, White Grapefruit, ethereal high elevation Lavender, Palo Santo, White Rose, resin of Frankincense, Lemon, and Juniper Leaf... they’ll all play a role.

Come as you are and I’ll meet you there.

Location: Awanohi Road, Redvale, Auckland. 


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