Consultations — Skin Health + Wellness

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These consultations are a chance to have some one-on-one time with me to discuss and learn whatever it is that you need to ensure you're on the correct path towards achieving your skin health + wellness goals. 

We'll delve into the science behind the structure of the skin and body physiology, and explore the impact that nutrition, emotional wellbeing, and each system within the body have on your overall wellbeing and skin health. 

It's an opportunity to 'spring clean' your existing regimen and discuss which ingredients are best suited to your skin type and current skin condition. Learn how to correctly use your products with the most appropriate application techniques to achieve results.

Experience first hand how practical tools such as meditation, mindfulness techniques, breath work, self massage, and aromatic inhalation can assist with stress reduction, sleep issues, and ultimately improve your overall wellbeing and the health of your skin.

Then of course you'll have a chance to play with products, aromatics, and chat about tailor made solutions specific to your individual needs. A written protocol will follow to ensure you've got a clear path to navigate the season ahead.


Autumn dates: Friday 23rd + Saturday 24th March
Location: Takapuna, Auckland / 60 minutes
Alternatively this service can be offered via phone.