Aromatology Pure Synergy — Heart

... another path into the heart.

Neroli Orange Blossom (trio)
Italian Lemon
Frankincense, Oman
Ylang Ylang

Working with the subtle energies of the plants, this synergy allows the heart chakra to open, circulating Qi into and around the heart space. Releasing repressed emotion, moving stagnant energy, and allowing a 'letting-go' of both thoughts and blockages. Ideal for acute or locked-in states of grief, and the emotions of anxiety and heaviness that often come with it. Taking another path into the heart while using the breath as an anchor through it all. 


How to use

Direction inhalation: This method has the most immediate affect on the emotional centre of the brain and is recommend in times of acute or overwhelming feelings of grief or high anxiety. Apply 1-3 drops to a tissue and holding in cupped hands over the nose start breathing in and out through the nose, slowing and deepening each breath while extending the duration of the exhale to become slightly longer than the inhale. 

Steam inhalation: Ideal to use in your morning shower. Sprinkle 3 drops on the shower floor for the benefits of inhalation as the steam rises.

Diffusion: To have an effect on your environment and all that enter it, add 5 drops to a burner, diffuser, or bowl of warm water and allow to diffuse into the space for up to 30 minutes at a time. 

Pure essential oils are for aromatic inhalation only. Do not ingest or apply directly to the skin. When diffusing into a space be mindful of all who might enter that space, including animals, and avoid diffusing into small enclosed rooms or for long periods of time.

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