Aromatology Pure Synergy / Anoint — Earth



Smoky Vetiver 
Vintage Vetiver (+7 years)
Sandalwood duo
Vanilla Bourbon
Rose trio


A deeply grounding synergy of eight plant extracts sitting in a base of pure golden Jojoba oil and bottled with an easy to apply roll-on applicator, Earth can be taken anywhere to apply on the go. Touch to the inner wrists, a direct link to the heart meridian, and take a few moments to breathe,  reconnecting to Mother Earth.

...the initial earthy and somewhat dark, smoky notes from the Vetiver root synergy softens as the trio of Roses start to bloom. These notes sit on a smooth foundation of warm vanilla and soft, creamy Sandalwood. 

The natural plant aromatics have a direct effect on the emotional centre of the brain as well as a lingering effect within the skin offering a lasting effect on your overall wellbeing throughout the day.

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