Aromatology Botanical-11 Oil Cleanse

Healthy skin starts here.

"I've always maintained that cleansing your skin with the correct product in the correct way is the most important step in any skin health regimen. Over-zealous cleansing or using a product that's too harsh will disrupt the skin's natural microbiome resulting in an array of unwanted skin conditions. On the other hand, not cleansing thoroughly enough will result in the skin becoming congested, stagnant, and dull. My intention here was to formulate a product that effectively cleanses the skin while still supporting the integrity of its natural processes. The ‘press + hold + breathe’ cleansing ritual outlined below will improve microcirculation within the skin (lymph and blood movement), enhance delivery of anything then topically applied, and encourage you to take a moment to breathe at either end of your day. Get the cleansing step right and everything else will fall into place."


Who's it for

  • All skin types and conditions

Although it sounds counterintuitive to use oils if you have an oily skin type, the plant oils chosen actually work to unblock congested pores and rebalance the skin.

How to use

Sunrise + sunset / daily: Starting with dry hands and a dry face, pouring the Botanical-11 Oil Cleanse into the palm of your hand — using enough to allow the hands to glide effortlessly over the entire face and neck. Spend between 1-2 minutes massaging the cleanser over your skin focusing extra attention on any areas of congestion or muscle tension to thoroughly clean the skin while encouraging microcirculation below the surface. To remove, take a warm, damp Facial Compress Cloth and press against your face, hold for a few deep breaths before wiping away any residue. Rinse the compress cloth with warm water and repeat the 'press + hold + breathe' ritual two more times. Follow with the Rosa Summer or Rosa Botanical Facial Mist, Facial Serum 03, 04, or 05, and/or Anahata Facial Balm Concentrate.

If removing makeup or sunscreen cleanse the skin twice — a faster first cleanse to dissolve all traces of anything on the surface on the skin. Then spending more time with the second cleanse (as outlined above) to work at a deeper level. 

The full ingredient list

Avocado Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Calendula + Sunflower Seed Oil infusion, Vitamin E (from Sunflower Seeds), and essential oils of Sweet Orange, Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Rose Geranium, and Frankincense. 


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