The Aromatology Brand

Harnessing the beauty that nature offers and tapping into the powerful connection between plant aromatics, emotional wellbeing, and skin health, Aromatology is a range of products formulated and created by holistic Facialist and Aromatologist Keely Watson. The Aromatology brand has been built upon a solid foundation of three guiding principles — knowledge, quality, and transparency. 


My hands-on experience as a holistic facialist teamed with my background in aromatic science is the foundation upon which I craft each and every product within the Aromatology range. I've drawn upon my knowledge to create products that support optimum skin health externally while also tapping into the powerful therapeutic link between aroma and ones overall internal health and wellbeing. With a unique tailor-made service and access to holistic facials you can experience a truly bespoke approach to your ever-changing individual skin health needs.


The success of a product is reliant on the quality of the individual ingredients used. I spend a vast amount of time behind the scenes sourcing ingredients  that fit the strict criteria I'm looking for including a plants growing conditions, production methods, and specific batch reports. Once ingredients arrive, products are hand blended in micro batches or individually made-to-order ensuring maximum freshness and efficacy, with zero waste.


There is no doubt anymore that what you put on your skin directly affects your overall health and wellbeing, therefore I wholeheartedly believe you deserve to have all the information required to make an informed decision about what you're purchasing. Transparency is easy when there's nothing to hide. I've carefully considered and formulated every product so it can stay completely natural, not 85%, not 99%, but 100% natural — nothing but nature. I've gone against the industry grain and listed all ingredients used in every product, so you can be confident that what you see is what you get. Nothing hidden. 


Each side of the Aromatology triangle is representative of the whole — you, me, and nature. Together, and all in harmony. 


... and let me share the magic of plants with you x