Meet The Maker — Keely Watson

Keely Watson

My experience as a facialist spans well over a decade now, with a large portion of that time spent operating my own business. My approach to skin health and wellness is a truly holistic one — addressing lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional well-being, while fuelling the skin with high quality natural products. Over the years I’ve seen first hand what works and what doesn’t.

My love for natural ingredients saw me delve further into the study of Aromatology, with a strong focus on organic chemistry, botanical science, and learning to formulate natural, highly effective products. Since that time I’ve been hand blending a wide range of products for my clientele with successful results. 


It’s no surprise I ended up down this path. As a young girl I have fond memories of foraging for wild flowers and plants from the native New Zealand bush which was my backyard. Once I’d gathered what I needed, my inquisitive nature would take over stuffing camellia petals, fern fronds, or entire stems of forget-me-nots into tiny glass vials to create all sorts of magical lotions and potions. Adding a dash of water and a pinch of dirt, I'd set each aside on a shelf to infuse for days. The curious young alchemist in me excited to smell the results.


Needless to say, my blending technique has been well refined since those early years, yet my child-like curiosity still remains. My foraging nature extends to multiple locations around the world, while still embracing what our beautiful country has to offer. I hand blend every product with mindful intention ensuring each ingredient serves a purpose. Formulated with experience, created with knowledge, and blended with intuition — this is the art and science of Aromatology.

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