MV Organic Skincare Muslin Cleansing Cloth

"A facial cleansing cloth is an essential part of your cleansing regimen. To simply splash water over the face after cleansing is not only ineffective in cleaning the skin but dehydrating at the same time. The loose weave of this cloth makes it a must-have product for a truly sensitive skin."

Who's it for?

Hand woven and made from organic cotton, this ultra soft and fast drying cleansing cloth helps to steam, soften, infuse, and gently exfoliate. The MV Organic Skincare Muslin Cleansing Cloth is well suited to ALL skin types and conditions especially: 

  • Congestion / blackheads
  • Acne — all stages
  • Dry skin types
  • Sensitive skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Rosacea
  • Frequent travellers 

The ritual:

Starting with either the MV Gentle Cream Cleanser or the Aromatology Botanical-11 Oil Cleanse to cleanse the skin, take a warmed wet facial cleansing cloth and press against the skin, holding for a few deep breaths, before wiping away any residue. 

If removing makeup and/or sunscreen, do a faster first cleanse (just long enough to dissolve all traces of makeup), then repeat with a longer second cleanse concentrating on any areas of congestion or muscle tension to thoroughly and deeply clean the openings of the skin and improve microcirculation in the skin. Follow with the press, hold + breathe technique again using the cleansing cloth.

Follow the cleansing + compressing step with a Rose Hydrating Mist, and your chosen Facial Serum and/or the MV Rose Moisturiser or Oxygen Formula

Additional tips:

  • Never leave a facecloth to stay wet and reuse as it can start to harbour bacteria. Always wash after use and hang to dry. 

Dimensions: contains 1 x travel cloth; 45 x 45cm.


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