Eating Whole by Chantal Cuthers

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"Optimum skin health and mental wellbeing really does start from the inside out, and nutrition plays such a crucial role in that. I've never believed in a one size fits all approach to internal health, as we're all unique in our requirements, however one common denominator where I've seen glowing results for clients is when they make the shift to high quality, whole food nutrition."

This petite A5 recipe and nutrition guide by Nutritionist Chantal Cuthers provides you with inspiration for an entire week’s worth of recipes, showcasing how fresh, whole, nutrient dense ingredients can create some of the most exquisite menu options. You not only get a recipe, you gain a clear understanding of why each ingredient is good for you and how they’ll heal, nourish and energise your body. An example of one such recipe — Chia Seed Porridge — along with nutrition notes can be read on The Journal.

Every recipe is dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free, and can easily be vegetarian and vegan.



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