Aromatology Pure Synergy — Space (limited release)

... to clear space, a chance to start anew.

White Grapefruit
Roman Chamomile
French Lavender (high elevation)
Neroli Orange Blossom


A seasonal release for Spring '19 — numbers limited.
Also available in a handy 1ml sample size

Space is ideal to diffuse into any living area or as a steam inhalation in the shower for personal use. This deeply ethereal and dreamy blend of pure plant aromatics brings a sense of spaciousness to your inner physical body and the immediate space surrounding. Cleansing, clearing space, a chance to start anew. 


How to use

Diffusion: To have an effect on your immediate environment and all that enter the room, add 5 drops to a burner, diffuser, or bowl of warm water and allow to diffuse into any living space for up to 30 minutes at a time. 

Steam inhalation: Ideal to use in either your morning or evening shower. Sprinkle 3 drops on the shower floor for the benefits of inhalation as the steam rises.

Pure essential oils are for aromatic inhalation only. Do not ingest or apply directly to the skin. When diffusing into a space be mindful of all who might enter that space, including animals, and avoid diffusing into small enclosed rooms or for long periods of time.

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