Aromatology Facial Mist — Rosa Summer

This certified organic Geranium Rose hydrosol has been brought in for the Summer months due to it's instant cooling effect on irritated or overheated skin, and outstanding ability to draw moisture into the most dehydrated of skins. A plant hydrosol contains the water soluble constituents of the plant material that is absent in an oil, therefore when paired with one of the serums or balms, offers the skin a more complete experience of the plant as a whole and it's full scope of therapeutic benefits. The aroma is super subtle with fresh, crisp, herbal 'green' top notes. Gentle in its approach, Rosa Summer is ideal for the most sensitive of skins and will be your skin's new best friend over the coming months. 


Who's it for

  • All skin types and conditions

How to use

Sunrise + sunset / daily: After preparing your skin with the Botanical-11 Oil Cleanse apply 3 - 5 sprays of Rosa Summer Facial Mist over the face + neck. Follow with Facial Serum 03, 04, or 05, and/or Anahata Facial Balm Concentrate

PLEASE NOTE — To ensure maximum freshness I recommend keeping this mist chilled in the refrigerator. Rosa Summer Facial Mist does not contain any additives, synthetics, or preservatives, instead the components brought over in the distillation process act as a natural preservative to keep this product free from microbial contamination. 

The full ingredient list

Rose Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens var. roseum) Hydrosol.

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