Aromatology Facial Mist — Rosa Botanical

Rosa damascena

There is beauty in simplicity and this batch of Rosa Botanical Facial Mist certainly encompasses that. This 100% pure Rose hydrosol from Bulgaria is certified organic and food grade — made from fresh plant material using a distillation process intended to produce a high quality hydrosol rather than simply being the bi-product of essential oil production. The sweet subtle scent of fresh roses, teamed with its calming, hydrating, and super-soothing properties makes the Rosa Botanical Facial Mist a must-have for all skin types and conditions, including the most sensitive.

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Who's it for

  • All skin types and conditions

How to use

Sunrise + sunset / daily: After preparing your skin with the Botanical-11 Oil Cleanse apply 3 - 5 sprays of the Rosa Botanical Facial Mist over the face + neck. Follow with your chosen Facial Serum or Anahata Facial Balm Concentrate

PLEASE NOTE — To ensure maximum freshness I recommend keeping this mist chilled in the refrigerator. Rosa Botanical Facial Mist does not contain any additives, synthetics, or preservatives, instead the components of the Rose oil brought over in the distillation process act as a natural preservative to keep this product free from microbial contamination. 

The full ingredient list

Bulgarian Rose (Rosa Damascena) Hydrosol.

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