Seasonal Skin Health + Wellness Tips for Winter

Seasonal Skin Health + Wellness Tips for Winter

As we enter the cooler months of the Winter season (Ayurveda: a Kapha season with Vata undertones) some lifestyle changes to rituals and routines can help you tune in with the flow and cycles of nature. Nutrition not only has a direct effect on our physical self, but also our mental health and emotional wellbeing. Keep nourished with warming foods like homemade broths, soups, porridge, and warming drinks. I'll be swapping out the chilled juice shots for warming ginger root, honey, and lemon infusions as your post-facial treat during the months ahead.

Choose exercise that corresponds to how you're feeling. To pacify Vata (feeling anxious, flighty, with a racing mind?) opt for slow and gentle movement that focus attention inwards and preserves energy such as Tai chi, Qi gong, or restorative yoga. Or if Kapha presents (reflected as that sluggish, heavy, slow feeling) go for a more invigorating activity such as Ashtanga yoga or a brisk walk first thing in the morning. Cold temperature depletes Qi (life force/vital energy) so keeping the body warm with the addition of scarves and hats is crucial. Please remember to bring an extra layer to wrap up with when you leave your treatment. 

With less daylight hours, Wintertime is an invitation to hibernate, replenish, and restore energy levels. Now is the time to enjoy more sleep and create mindful rituals that allow the body to ease into a quality slumber, naturally.

My top tips include:

  • Avoid laptops and phones after a predetermined time each evening as they’re over-stimulating to the mind and disrupt melatonin production. This is also your opportunity to create new boundaries and expectations around when people can contact you and expect a reply.
  • Start to darken your environment by dimming lights around the house. Light a candle or use a salt lamp for a softer light.
  • Treat your skincare regimen as a bit of “you” time and team with some deep breathing exercises. When doing the second cleanse in the evening, incorporate the press + hold + breathe technique and follow with facial massage using a serum or balm.
  • Brew a relaxing tea or herbal infusion such as Chamomile. Enjoy the process of making the tea and while it brews for 10 minutes perhaps sit in meditation or do some breathing exercises.
  • Supplement with a topically applied Magnesium product. Magnesium is an essential mineral required for hundreds of biochemical functions within the body, and particularly beneficial to assist in a good night's sleep.
  • Team the Pure Synergy 'sleep' with some breathing exercises, then tuck the tissue with a few drops into your pillow case. Or add 2 drops of sleep synergy + 1t Magnesium Flakes to a bath or foot bath prior to bed.
  • Aim to be in bed before 10pm and ideally try to go to bed at the same time each night and wake at the same time in the morning. Pick another three things you can commit to doing at the same time every day. The body and mind crave regularity — a pocket of calm you can look forward to, especially during times of stress.