Touch is back

May 12, 2020

My first Vipassana meditation experience was back in 2011. The ten day retreat course was an experiential deep dive into this style of meditation and a pivotal part of that learning process is to conduct the course in silence. Noble silence. No talking, no eye contact or gestures, and no touch.

Going into the course I was so concerned about the ‘no talking’ thing that I hadn’t given any thought to how it would feel to go without human touch. It hadn’t even crossed my mind at all, which was strange considering that my entire career as a facialist revolved around the art of touch. I knew the powerful healing effects of both giving and receiving touch, and how restorative touch when given with right intention can serve to greatly benefit our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

When noble silence was lifted towards the end of retreat, I quickly came to realise it wasn’t the words I’d missed so much, in fact — spare me the talk, it was touch I craved.

Touch is my language, my service, my offering.

And touch is back.

As wonderful as it is to receive touch from another, there is so much power to be found from the touch of our own healing hands. Whether the intention behind touch is to relieve muscular tension, to soothe frayed nerves, or to support the flow of the lymphatic system — attentive touch has far greater benefits that go well beyond just the physical body.

You may wish to start this journey of self touch with a bespoke body blend — tailor made to suit your own unique needs as they are in this moment. Blends can be created to support sleep patterns, or restore balance to emotions arising such as fear, anxiety, or despondency. For muscular fatigue or mental exhaustion. To work attentively at a deeper level on old scar tissue or to offer your skin + entire being the support it needs throughout pregnancy. Your skin may simply be in need of a nutrient boost, or your heart held during periods of grief.

I'm here for it all. Supporting your skin health and entire well-being through its many ever-changing cycles. Because now more than ever, we need touch. 


... and let me share the magic of plants with you x