The rhythm of nature.

February 25, 2020

Cycles are everywhere. 


The sunrise and sunset. A breath in, an exhale out. Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. The new moon building to a full moon, before moving into the dark moon phase again. A caterpillar emerging as a butterfly, eventually passing away to return to the earth once more. The ageing process — Maiden, Mother, Empress, and Crone. Hormonal cycles of puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Your current emotional season whether acute or chronic, periods of grief, exhaustion or pure joy. As with everything in nature, that which arises will also pass.

We can support our skin health and emotional wellbeing through it's many ever-changing cycles. At the same time knowing that what we choose to call upon isn't compromising our own health or that of Mother nature — instead working to elevate our life force and vibrancy. Choosing to use products that go well beyond skin health by introducing rituals of awareness, connection, and self massage by way of mindfulness and touch, encouraging us to take pause and become deeply present in that moment.

Each subject above warrants it's own discussion, a much deeper dive, which is the essence of what I want to offer this year through my words, one-on-one connections, and the Aromatology products — a journey beyond skin health. We are so much more than just this physical body, yet we can use it — the breath, sensation, and the skin, as points of entry to investigate the impact that our internal and external environment has on our vitality and wellbeing. 

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... and let me share the magic of plants with you x