The pattern of flow

March 04, 2020

Taking a holistic approach


“... too much sun burns the plants, too much wind dries them out, too much water rots their roots. Yet in the absence of light, water, and air, the plants cannot germinate or grow. The climates, emotions, and activities of life are not intrinsically good or bad. It is their excess or deficiency that distorts the pattern of flow.”

This quote from one of my favourite TCM books ‘between heaven and earth’ sums up perfectly what it means to take a holistic approach. It requires an awareness, a constant checking in on the body, mind, and spirit as a whole. Then taking action, making the necessary adjustments to move towards a state of harmony and flow. Seasonally, weekly, daily, or from moment to moment, take pause with hand on heart and ask yourself

What is it that I need in this moment?

I'm here to support you — your health, your breath, you exactly as you are in this present moment. Whether it's through a one-on-one Aromatology experience or the products I create, I recognise your needs are unique and ever-changing, and therefore should be treated as such.

Remember, we can support our skin health and emotional wellbeing through it's many ever-changing cycles. At the same time knowing that what we choose to call upon isn't compromising our own health or that of Mother nature — instead working to elevate our life force and vibrancy. 

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