The most simple of rituals

May 26, 2020

It’s often the most simple of rituals that have the greatest ability to nurture the soul.

I’ve been dreaming up seasonal treats for Winter and have a deliciously nurturing Rose + Sandalwood cleanser to bring into the June Aromatology Experience. I've also decided to release a small number of bottles for home use too because if there’s ever a time we need a daily dose of Rose + Sandalwood, it’s now.

Also back online are the popular Facial Compress Cloths. Large and lush, my preferred choice for both personal use and facials — these compress cloths make the perfect partner to an oil cleanse and the relaxing ritual outlined below. These super-soft cotton compress cloths are large enough to cover the entire face + neck area, while retaining the perfect temperature to deeply and thoroughly cleanse the skin with the 'press + hold + breathe' ritual.

Starting with dry hands and a dry face, pour the Oil Cleanse into the palm of your hand — using enough to allow the hands to glide effortlessly over the entire face and neck. Spend a few minutes massaging the cleanser over your skin focusing extra attention on any areas of congestion or muscle tension to thoroughly clean the skin while encouraging microcirculation below the surface.

Take a warm, damp Facial Compress Cloth and press against your face, hold for a few deep breaths before wiping away any cleanser residue. Rinse the compress cloth with warm water and repeat the 'press + hold + breathe' ritual two more times. Remember to breathe deeply and feel the shoulders drop away from the ears with each exhale.

As wonderful as it is to receive touch from another, there is so much power to be found from the touch of our own healing hands. Whether the intention behind touch is to relieve muscular tension, to soothe frayed nerves, or to support the flow of the lymphatic system — attentive touch has far greater benefits that go well beyond just the physical body.

Find joy in the most simple of rituals.

"Let go of the battle. Breathe quietly and let it be. Let your body relax and your heart soften. Open to whatever you experience without fighting." — Jack Kornfield

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