The magic of a plant hydrosol

March 03, 2020

There is beauty in simplicity


Plants can be processed in many different ways to gift us aspects of their magic in various forms. For instance, aromatic oils can be distilled, pressed or extracted from plant roots (Vetiver), wood (Sandalwood), leaves and twigs (Petitgrain), or flowers (Rose). Nutrient rich oils and butters can be pressed or extracted from plant seeds (Camellia), nuts (Shea) or fruit pulp (Avocado), and the botanical water from a plant, known as a hydrosol, is hydro distilled using plant material — and in the case of Rosa Summer (Rose Geranium) and Rosa Botanical (Rose Otto), from their fresh flowering tops.

A hydrosol contains the water soluble constituents of the plant material, so is deeply hydrating for the skin. When paired with an serum or balm that includes the aromatic oil from the same plant, this then offers the skin a more complete experience of the plant as a whole and a fuller scope of its therapeutic and energetic benefits. 

Rosa Summer is the pure Rose Geranium hydrosol. Brought in intentionally for the Summer months due to it's instant cooling effect on irritated or overheated skin, but will continue to be a dear ally through all seasons due to its outstanding ability to draw moisture into the most dehydrated of skins. The aroma is super subtle with fresh, crisp, herbal 'green' top notes. 

Rosa Botanical is the pure Rose Otto hydrosol. The subtle and authentic scent of fresh roses, teamed with its calming, hydrating, and super-soothing properties makes the Rosa Botanical Facial Mist a must-have for all skin types and conditions, including the most sensitive conditions such as Rosacea or eczema, that need a gentle approach.

And while there is definitely beauty in simplicity, a bespoke blend unique to your skin and emotional wellbeing needs, can be formulated, teaming the hydrosols together to create a powerful synergistic effect.

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