Thank You

Thank You

“Part of the art of quieting yourself is also to honor the tears you carry” - Jack Kornfield.

"What perfectly imperfect timing this is to enter noble silence tomorrow. Time to digest the year that’s been and to sit and surrender to everything that arises. I’m spending some time tonight under the rising moon, in front of Kānuka, setting my intention for the weeks ahead. I’m at a loss for words right now, which is unusual, but perhaps that’s exactly where I need to be - out of the head, sinking into the feeling heart."

I wrote the words above, this exact time last year. Here I sit again this morning, in front of Kānuka waiting for the right words to come. And because they're not, I know it's time for silence — out of the head and into the heart.

Because what a year it's been. 

 Kānuka, she's in full bloom. Kererū, Tūī, and Kōtare, all bring their young at this time of year. The universal law of nature, arising and passing. Nature showcasing her beauty through ever-changing cycles.

I too, am ready for the next cycle.

I finished facials on Saturday and the bespoke blending service is now closed for the year, resuming on the 11th of January. I'm here blending this week, with my days intentionally slow and spacious as I start an unwinding and processing of the year that's been. 

It's with deep gratitude and a hand over my heart space, that I say Thank You.

Thank You for your continued support of Aromatology. Whether that be through purchasing products, commenting and sharing on social media, or love notes of support. I'm so grateful for it all. Without you, there is no Aromatology. This is a reality of any business, a reality that has really hit home, more so than ever, through the challenges presented this year.

"This won’t be business as usual, and that’s the most exciting thing for me. With creativity and awareness leading the way, there are new openings I can see clearly and feel deeply with my heart. Potent energetic alignments. It will be different and it will be beautiful. This will be a carefully considered rebuild and I am truly grateful for your support during each step of the way. Because the reality is that without your support, there is no Aromatology."

I wrote the words above, half way through the year. And it's so true that new openings come from times like these. Through my deep reverence for plants and the land, I've expanded my knowledge further into the plant realm through Horticulture studies. This will continue again next year, starting with soil science in January. I'm also venturing down the retreat path, co-hosting two retreats down in the stunning South Island over the month of March. And the rate at which they sold out tells me there's definitely a craving for connection to nature, self, and community with others.

Yes next year will be different, and although I can't say it will be easy, we will make it beautiful. 

Thank You
Thank You
Thank You

From my heart to yours x 




... and let me share the magic of plants with you.