Of the Earth

February 27, 2020

Forever inspired by nature and her cycles.


We're transitioning from the expansive Fire element of the early Summer months into the Yin Earth energy of late Summer which carries us into Autumn. The story of the Earth element is told through the Aromatology wearable synergy Earth — a deeply grounding blend of eight powerful plant allies, taking you on a unique journey of the earth and her plants starting from the roots of Vetiver.

...The initial earthy and somewhat dark, smoky notes from the Vetiver root synergy softens as the trio of Roses start to bloom. These notes sit on a smooth foundation of warm Vanilla Bourbon and soft, creamy Sandalwood.

Touch to the inner wrists, a direct link to the heart meridian, or swirl over the solar plexus — taking a few moments to breathe, reconnecting to self, reconnecting to Mother Earth.

I often weave Earth into the Aromatology one-on-one treatments for anyone experiencing that draining energy of an untethered, wandering mind. That anxious state of what was and what will be. These plants help to anchor the energy through the feet, bringing a sense of calm to an overwhelmed nervous system and inviting present moment bliss. 

I use it by wafting over the nose encouraging you to take a deeper breath, or in the auric field around the solar plexus — that powerhouse centre of connection, or simply hold in stillness at the feet. Sitting in a base of organic golden Jojoba Seed oil, Earth is skin-friendly (naturally) so I'll often press it to the heart space, lift up over the face, include in scalp massage, or touch to the inner wrists when arm stretching. 

You can experience Earth's powerful plant allies during your visit or direct from the wisdom of your own intuitive healing hands. Earth can be purchased online found as part of the Aromatology core collection. If you'd prefer to sample first, Earth is also offered in a 1ml glass vial.

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... and let me share the magic of plants with you x