Invitation of restoration

June 04, 2020

The cooler months bring shorter days and a return inwards. They call in more sleep, warming foods, and nurturing wholesome practices. Instinctively slowing down, this is an opportunity to become present for and enjoy the most simple moments in life. And if there's ever been a time we so desperately need this seasonal invitation of restoration, it's now. 

My offerings and surroundings are ever-changing to met each season and cycle of life and I’ve been dreaming up all kinds of magic for Winter. I have a Rose + Black Pepper aromatic body blend which works wonders on muscular tension, emotional exhaustion and physical fatigue. This matches perfectly with the new Sandalwood + Rose warm oil cleanser and the selection of nourishing balms ready to welcome all skin conditions and states of emotional well-being.

Add to this the shelves full of pressed plant oils and aromatics from all over the world, Mānuka honey masks, White Sage infused mineral salts, and oil infusions of Vanilla Bourbon and Calendula... Aromatology allows me to engage my inner alchemist and create in the moment for the moment, making your experience truly bespoke. I have a few spaces left for June, with dates for both July and August available to book now.

My Aromatology offerings can also be weaved into your own space and daily practices. You have the option to be a part of the creation process with a bespoke body blend, bring the ritual of facial compressing into your days by teaming the facial compress cloths with the limited edition Rose + Sandalwood oil cleanser, or learn facial massage techniques to deeply engage with Anahata — a tonic for the skin and all matters of the heart.

Aromatology is a journey that goes well beyond skin health and I'm here to guide you along the way.

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... and let me share the magic of plants with you x