If fear arrives

March 23, 2020

If fear arrives, be with it.
If grief arrives, be with it.
If anger arrives, be with it.
If calm arrives, be with it.
If anxiety arrives, be with it.
If joy arrives, be with it.
If loneliness arrives, be with it.
If despondency arrives, be with it.
If happiness arrives, be with it.

I’ve certainly sat with an ever-changing flow of emotions over the past few days. Even within a single meditation session, feelings of utter bliss and calming presence can be felt right before a surge of tears from deep rooted grief. I welcome it all with no end goal of reaching a certain emotion.

The only intention I set is to honour every emotion that arrives — which is hard with the more uncomfortable ones such as anger, fear, and grief. But I know they’re here to teach.

Can we BE with it, invite it in, make it tea. Quite literally make it tea. Boil the water, choose a herb, and brew a pot of tea. Sit with the emotion and feel it in the body as a physical sensation. Observe it. Observe it’s nature of arising and passing. The law of nature — that which arises must pass.

It’s time to double down on the kindness and compassion towards yourself and all sentient beings. Feel all the emotions and know we’re all in this together.

This morning I woke up a little after 4am with Italy held in my heart. I lay there knowing I wasn't going back to sleep, yet too physically exhausted to get up. I scanned my body and felt an emptiness in my stomach, pain and discomfort, like a hunger, almost a burning. As I worked my way through the physical body and scanned each part of the world, I felt it all.

My heart space felt contracted, tight and wanted to close and by the time I got to my head thoughts were spinning around my own individual story — grieving the loss of my business, uncertainty with my husbands business, and worry of the unknown. But I know our story isn't unique and when I went back to scanning my body, I felt the feelings of the collective and found a deep sense of support and connection.

When I finally got out of bed, tears fell from my eyes, so many tears, and I just let them flow. Some were mine, some were "tears of the way". As Jack Kornfield so beautifully puts it — 

"As we let go and still see others suffer, the heart fills with compassion. So much suffering is human-caused. We awaken to a poignancy and tenderness beyond our own personal injuries. One Zen master calls this caring “the tears of the way.” Our personal suffering diminishes, but our awareness of the sorrow and pain in the world grows stronger. Our heart is open and we feel connected to all things."

I sat with it all and watched it eventually pass. I scanned my body once again and I felt anchored into the earth, supported, and expansive. I made a coffee and went outside into nature. There was abundance and space and light and birdsong. I came across a timely message too — abundance is not something that is acquired, but a frequency we tune in to. 

Today it's certainly not business as usual, yet there's work to be done. I'll work to keep myself physically and emotionally well with self massage, meditation, and right nutrition. Then, and only then, can I be of service to others. It's our responsibility to look further than ourselves right now — expand your heart to the elderly, those with compromised immunity, and anyone who needs physical or emotional support. It's equally as important that if you fall into any one of those categories at anytime, to open yourself up to receiving love and support.

I'm healthy, I'm well, yet last week I made the decision to postpone all one-on-one offerings until further notice. Nature, space, and stillness is my remedy right now and it's from this place I can best support you and the wider community, while at the same time honouring my own needs.

While we navigate this new terrain, my intention is to offer support and connection by sharing the knowledge, wisdom, and direct teachings I've received over many, many moons through these newsletters. I want to share on a more frequent basis because now is the time to double down on the self love, kindness and compassion.

If you feel this only adds to the stress you're currently experiencing, I respect your decision to opt out by unsubscribing —please know that you're welcome to connect again when the time is right. If you have loved ones that you'd like to share my messages with then please forward this email to them.

We are all connected and all in this together.

In loving kindness, Keely x

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