Heart Work

November 03, 2020

When we think of the heart space we may naturally think of the front torso, the chest, or more specifically the space where the physical heart resides. However our heart space energy centre is far more expansive than this and can be accessed in many ways, including from the back of the body.

The back body is sometimes referred to as the dark or shadow side as this is an area we may not be that attentive to. Being physically out of our own reach, an area we can't easily see with our eyes, and if we’re in a chronic state of stress (where the breath is rapid and shallow) an area that can easily become energetically neglected and stagnant.

A shallow breath resides in the upper chest, and may at best occasionally travel to the belly, but the back of the body will often miss out on the vital life force of a deep breath. The rib cage can't find expansion, muscles become tense, and blood and lymph flow hindered. The energetic heart space becomes restricted or closed, a precursor to many health issues — physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual.

We can access the heart space through meditation, through breath awareness and breathing exercises, restorative touch, and of course our powerful plant allies — all of which we delve into through my one-on-one offerings. Bringing awareness and light, movement and spaciousness to this area of darkness or shadow can sometimes be confronting work, uncomfortable work, but this heart work is essential work.

So if an Aromatology Experience sounds like the remedy your heart needs right now, I invite you to reach out this week as spaces are now filling up for the remainder of the year. My last day hands-on will be the 12th of December, and you have the choice of two durations — 50 or 70 minutes, with both sessions weaved together in a bespoke manner, depending on what it is you need or want in that moment. 

I can also bring heart medicine to you through my Aromatology product offerings — encouraging anchor points of awareness, breath work, and attentive touch through self massage. Anahata is a tonic for all matters of the skin and heart, or the simple ritual behind cleansing can be a prompt to take a few mindful breaths to close the day.

Remember you have your own healing hands, the ability to tune into your breath, and a deep intuitive knowing of what it is you need.

From my heart to yours x 

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