From my heart to yours

February 25, 2020



With this ongoing hot weather, I wanted to send a gentle reminder about where you keep your skin health products, avoiding areas of the house that become too hot or get hit with direct streams of sunlight. This care and attention ensures your products stay fresh, active and effective for longer. 

This becomes even more important from a functional point of view with a product like Anahata that is wax-free. Calling upon natural plant butters with low melt points (instead of wax) means it has the potential to turn completely into a liquid form if accidentally left in direct sunlight or high ambient temperatures. If you do get caught out, simply pop Anahata into the fridge for 20 minutes to reset, then find a more suitable happy home for it to live for the remaining weeks of Summer.

If your jar of Anahata has become granulated, there's no need to fret. This is simply the fickle nature of the Shea Butter and its fatty acid composition responding to variations in temperature. Once Anahata is warmed with the touch of your fingertips these granules melt immediately again upon contact with the skin offering up the same skin-loving benefits. If you find this undesirable, a simple tip to reset your balm is to melt it completely in a shallow dish of warm water then snap-cool it again in the freezer for 10 minutes. You can then find a space in the fridge for it to live over the coming weeks while we're battling this high-Summer heat.

While we tend to put balms in the category of seasonal Winter care or dry skin only, don’t let the title of “balm” confuse you. Yes Anahata is a balm by definition, being water-free, but it melts effortlessly into the skin leaving nothing but a soft, plump and deeply hydrated feel. Being water-free means it’s also super concentrate and a little really does go a long way. Team with one of the facial mists and you’ve got the dream team for your skin. A whole-plant experience with both the water AND oil constituents of Rose and Geranium coming together synergistically through both products. 

The blue — green hue of Anahata should give some clue as to its therapeutic value. Cooling, calming, and anti-inflammatory, this gem is a blessing for any inflamed skin types or conditions including an impaired skin barrier, rosacea, eczema, inflamed acne, emotional distress, seasonal ailments, and general post-Summer skin nurturing. From an energetic point of view — Anahata is plant medicine for all matters of the heart. 

From my heart to yours.

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