Bespoke, just for you.

August 03, 2020

The Aromatology Bespoke Service was born from my philosophy and holistic approach towards skin health and well-being — meeting you exactly where you are in this moment. I recognise your needs are unique and ever-changing, and therefore should be treated as such.

Alongside Facial Serums and Body Blends, I've recently added the Botancal-11 Oil CleanseAnahata, and the Calm Balm to the Bespoke Service menu. These products can now be made bespoke, just for you with any subtle tweaks or adjustments you want or need.

Maybe you have a specific therapeutic requirement, a skin health concern, or preference towards a particular aromatic profile. Maybe the original formula has a known allergy you want to avoid or perhaps you just like the idea of something being made intentionally with you in mind.

Remember, we can support our skin health and emotional well-being through its many ever-changing cycles. At the same time knowing that what we choose to call upon isn't compromising our own health or that of Mother nature — instead working to elevate our life force and vibrancy.

I'm here to support you — your health, your breath, you exactly as you are in this present moment. 

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