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The Chamomiles

The Chamomiles

Some days need space. Time in the garden and not much more. Chamomile blossoms were picked today and through their soft aroma a message whispered ... "go gently".

I have two types of Chamomile in the garden that mirror the two in the blending room. The first, Roman Chamomile — a perennial creeping plant that turns inwards over Winter as a soft grass-like ground cover, springing to life once again in the warmer months with deeply aromatic daisy-like blooms. 

In the blending room Roman Chamomile is Anthemis noblis — a steam distilled essential oil from Italy. Powerfully tenacious yet super gentle in nature, with sweet apple-like notes, she is a key ingredient in SolaA soothing ally to both the nervous system and the skin, Roman Chamomile is one of the small handful of essential oils I recommend for safe use around babies and toddlers. And the one I call upon when blending bespoke for inner-child work, the 'perfectionist', and those who need to be rather than do.

The second, German Chamomile (pictured above) was gifted to me as seed from a dear friend which I sowed early Spring. The plant has burst forth in abundance with blooms for the bees over the past few weeks and I'm mindful to let them take first dibs. Not as deeply aromatic as the Roman Chamomile plant, but more commonly grown in the garden and known for its benefits as a herbal tea tonic for digestion and the nervous system.

In the blending room German Chamomile (also know as Blue Chamomile) is Matricaria recutita — an essential oil that takes on the most stunning deep inky blue colour as the blooms go through an alchemical transformation during the distillation process. A cooling, calming ally for distressed skin or emotional states of being, Blue Chamomile gives Calm its deep green hue (when blended with vibrant yellow tones of Calendula) and powerful soothing effects. It's the oil I reach for when creating bespoke for inflammatory skin types or conditions, a blocked throat chakra, or when someone needs to hear the words — breathe slowly, breathe deeply, go gently.


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